Raw Materials Testing and audit

The aim of Excellent Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is to make certain that quality medicines, dietary supplements and medical devices are produced consistently and that the label on any batch is scientifically factual. Dietary supplements are now regulated by the FDA and it has not been an easy course of action for producers to start to comply with the FDA and GMP regulations surrounding the market.


It has taken considerable GMP training to assist employees and managers come to comprehend the impact that the regulations have on them. Most branded corporations must now be in compliance while smaller businesses have till the middle of this year. Not merely their own manufacturing processes need to be assessed on the other hand; their contract producers and suppliers also have to be operating inside GMP laws.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - SOPS act as a map for producers to help with GMP compliance as they are details of particular processes that have to be performed by employees throughout the production if dietary supplements.

Raw Materials Testing- Producers should test and audit their raw supplies suppliers.

Validation- Validation involves extensive Raw Materials Testing, observation and analysis of every course of action to assure the gear, formulas and procedures measure up to established product standards.

Cleaning- In between each batch of supplement is produced a validated cleaning method should be carried out an inspected by the excellent assurance team.