Small House Plans – What To Plan


You can make your small house look bigger by making its outdoors a part of your home. Build large windows with vaulted ceilings and having energy-efficient skylights helps in making smaller spaces look large and spacious.

Small house plans should have plenty of interior elevations showing cabinet layouts and all other fixtures. This ensures that every item attached to the walls is in the right location.

Have a plan that has plenty of schedules which is just a list of items for each and every room. For example, a room finishes schedule lists in great detail the treatment of the walls, floors, ceilings and the kind of woodwork used. Similarly, a plumbing fixture schedule lists each plumbing fixture with the model number, its finish, required dimensions, etc. Having all this information in the small house plans ensures that what ever you want for your home gets done and also ensures that you stay within your budget. .

If you have an idea in your mind about what you want for your small dream house, hire an architect who can help customize your plan. The architect will give you a house plan which includes a site plan and floor plan. He will also provide you with a plan for the exterior elevations, electrical plan, wall sections and a foundation plan, along with other necessary documents. Architects do a lot more to help you build a pretty small house.